“Friday wishes…”…. generosity, kindness, love, compassion and encouragement


Friday wishes and encouragement

“Friday wishes…”
I just LOVE “Friday Wishes”
generosity, kindness, love, compassion, encouragement,
freely offered and shared amongst many,
happily and gratefully received
rekindling each others’  light



Friday wishes and encouragement rekindling



Friday wishes and encouragement and rekindling



….Friday wishes….
offering and receiving light,
the rekindling of embers that sustain us,
the warm glow emerging from offerings of
generosity, kindness, love, compassion and encouragement,
freely offered, lovingly received,
Friday wishes


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8 Responses to “Friday wishes…”…. generosity, kindness, love, compassion and encouragement

  1. sufilight says:

    This was soothing to read. I now realize that i didn’t know what mindful living is. I signed up for 4 week mindfulness course and it teaches being compassionate and kind with thoughts regarding not only others but with ourselves. Your posts often encourage this .


  2. sufilight says:

    Thanks Kathy for the links! Will be printing the third one that is like CBT. And, it does take patience when we lose what we have typed. 😀


    • Marie…. is the night sky clear up there in Oregon? The sky is clear here and the full “super” moon is remarkably clear, bright and big… we just came in from taking a look… wow!!!!! Sooooo bright and clear!


  3. sufilight says:

    We missed the super moon, hope we catch the next one.


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