Friendship, love and connection…the orangutan and the hound dog…an amazing, heartwarming video….


Have you ever met someone who seemed,
even from that first glance,
like a long lost, dearly loved friend?
…an instant, deep connection…
a connection that leads to a  joyful and meaningful friendship


Below the following photos, is a link to a short, wonderful  National Geographic video
about a seemingly instant connection…
between an orangutan and a hound dog…

a meeting that leads to a deep friendship
filled with spontaneously warm and loving interactions…
…the joys of connecting with others…

…heartwarming, playful, affectionate and loving …

deeply cherished friends

Link to video: click here….  The Orangutan and the Hound Dog

I couldn’t figure out how to embed the actual video, so here’s the link to it…it’s amazing!

Link to this short, heartwarming video: click here: The Orangutan and the Dog


A copy/paste  about “” , from their website
(lots of other wonderful videos in that link)
What is is a family friendly video website. We are dissimilar to most video websites on the Internet as we avoid featuring videos that are either unsuitable for all ages, or are generally sensationalistic in nature. We are not a funny video website; rather, we feature all kinds of videos: funny, educational, inspirational, cute, science, news, pretty much anything we think that might add ‘value’ to your life in some shape or form. We are anti-sensationalistic; we feel that there are more than enough websites on the Internet to cater to that taste.

Thank you for stopping by. 🙂


What a wonderful video, with amazing animals…the power of love, connection, appreciation and friendship…thanks Tina, for passing this along! 😀

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13 Responses to Friendship, love and connection…the orangutan and the hound dog…an amazing, heartwarming video….

  1. nrhatch says:

    Lovely video. Thanks, Kathy.


  2. This is a really special video! Really delightful! Debra


  3. sufilight says:

    Wow, very touching! Love is all there is! 🙂


  4. Oh thank you for this! You didn’t know I will be teaching an article about the orangutan from our ESL textbook on Tuesday. The opening question is “What do you know about orangutans?” I have been anticipating dead silence and indifference. But with this played first, I know the discussion that follows is bound to be animated. It’s perfect.


    • Great timing…. I can’t imagine anyone not connecting with the two of them! Good idea to show this first to get people intrigued and engaged! It looks like the website, , has lots of heartwarming videos. Their “vision” for their site is special.
      I also liked the video about a cardboard box “castle” a man built to nurture forgiveness from his cat for treating him for a painful ear infection…the inspirations of connections!


  5. I am always amazed at the connection, friendships that animals can have. They can certainly teach humans a thing or two, can’t they? It WAS a heartwarming video. Aside: Kathy, how are you doing? Enjoying? Keeping busy?


    • That orangutan and hound dog are sure teaching lots of people through that video!..a real inspiration! Happy you enjoyed it….I did too!
      And retirement?…a very different tempo, so far, from yours…I’m thoroughly enjoying lots of quiet time, lack of any pressure, time for reading, reflecting and studying…it’s so amazing to not have pressure, time demands, meetings and reports…and I love not having to get up at 6 am…the slower, more relaxed pace is wonderful. I do miss teaching kids and that sense of “purpose” but am keeping things quiet for awhile before I get involved with more of that. I was so happy to read how engaged and dynamic your life is…terrific! 😀


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