Happy New Day…..Happy New Moment….

This page has evolved out of several other pages…. last evening I read a post, “What is Life?” on judhithhb’s blog…everyday I get younger…. one that had a poem with some intriguing ideas….I took those ideas that Judith has posted and put them onto a page to send to Judith, as she recovers from a broken ankle…

and then one idea led to another…
and then another….
and then another…..
amazing how that can happen….!

That poem from Judith’s post….from book “Even Eagles Need a Push” by David McNally

I decided to revise the language of those ideas…I don’t respond too well when I try to direct myself to do something…I get a bit subtly rebellious… 🙄 …… so, “softer” wording…

Well…I woke up in the early morning hours…and..miracle of miracles…instead of “worrying,”

I thought and thought and thought
of what aspects of life I notice or appreciate…
or would like to notice and appreciate….
so here’s the next page…

Added on Wednesday…a day after this oriniginal post….as I think about it…

 life really “isn’t” one way or another…
really, it’s more my reactions to what is happening,
my preferences for it to be a certain way (and thus happy reactions)
or my preference for it NOT to be a certain way (and thus less-than-happy reactions)
And so, rather than “Life IS ____”,
here is another way that I am learning to look at things…
a way that includes my recognition and understanding that it’s my own perception….

“When life seems______,  _______ it “



And then realizing that life is a combination…
a flow…
of so many interactions, reactions, thoughts, feelings…
so much variety from day to day,
perhaps hour to hour
and sometimes minute to minute…
or even moment to moment…
life is varied….

And so….to keep in  mind….
each moment might be different….
it isn’t happy new year ….or happy new month…. or happy new week…
or happy new day….
but this moment…the next moment….. and the next moment….
embracing each new moment….
and may this moment be a happy one….

May each of us have awareness, appreciation and flexibility
as we open to each moment of each day….

my best to all of you….    : )   kathy   : )

ps… any more ideas from others….??….. ” Life is  _____,  _____  it” “Sometimes, life is/seems _______,  ____ it”….or any variations that work for you….  I’d love to  create another page with other people’s ways of looking at life….

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17 Responses to Happy New Day…..Happy New Moment….

  1. judithhb says:

    You are so creative Kathy. I love this whole idea of input from others is very exciting. Thank you. 🙂


  2. Here on the coast we’d say: “Life is a big wave. Surf it.”
    “Sometimes life seems too salty. Sweeten it!” Great inspirational blog, Kathy!


  3. nrhatch says:

    I enjoyed the 3rd card best . . . Accept What Life Offers.


  4. zendictive says:

    here comes the new year… ready for a year of wisdom?


    • I like the idea of the new year starting on the solstice…the transition of that….so I’m a few days earlier on the new year’s state of mind.
      And was your statement a comment or an idea to add to the list?….probably both!
      And oh yes…I am sooooooooo ready for a year of wisdom…primed, studying, thinking, reflecting…I’m ready to go! : )


  5. Pingback: What is Life – Part 2 | I choose how I will spend the rest of my life

  6. I am glad to know that other people get woke up to write what has been breathed into them. I loved your early morning meditation and writing about life. Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for breathing it out for all to read. Blessings to you during this holiday season, Connie


  7. Hi there this is just to let you know that I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award – you may or may not decide to accept but the choice is yours at any rate! One way or another it gives me an opportunity to advertise your blog and encourage others to read it. All the best!


    • My goodness…thank you very much for that nomination…that is really an honor..thank you…..very, very special. Well, of course I would accept it…. I’m always happy to hear kind words…. happy smiles of appreciation to you…thank you.


  8. tuesday2 says:

    I’m glad that I read your post first thing in the morning; you have set the tone for my wonderful day ahead!

    As I read through your words, I was reminded of the book by Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now. Have you read it? 😀


    • Amazingly enough…I haven’t read the Eckhart Tolle books…people keep writing/telling me about them…and I actually have them on my bookshelf….perhaps this week will be a good time to read and reflect on them… thanks for that reminder…. : )


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