The Liebster Award..passing it along

The Liebster Award

Thank you so much to Marie, from the blog Love is the Answer/ Dance With The Truth, for her nomination of Pocket Perspectives for the Liebster Award.   Marie has a wonderful blog, with so many inspirational, informative and encouraging posts.

Quoting from Marie and Tales of the Heart who gave the award to Marie:

“This Award is given to bloggers who have fewer  than 200 followers, all in the spirit of fostering new connections.  Leibster is German and  means ‘dearest’ or ‘beloved’ but it can also mean ‘favorite’ ”

I follow so many wonderful blogs….but can choose only 5 blogs to pass the award along to, so here are 5 out of my many, many, many “favorites”   (I’m not sure how many followers each one has…some may have more than 200 ???  And I see that several blogs I follow have already gotten this award in the past few days, too, so I won’t include those)

Art at Zendictive, a blog full of wonderful zen wisdom stories and poetry
Elizabeth at  Mirth and Motivation, a blog that has such a variety of  insights, day after day ( I don’t know if  this blog has more than 200 followers?)
Mr. B  (??) at Island Traveler, a blog that offers so many positive and helpful inspirations
Maria, at Enermazing, a wonderful blog with so many encouraging, insightful perspectives
My Aunt Okie at  “94 and Still Writing” for the wonderful poetry she has written and continues to write. (I put this site together, but all of the writing is hers….she’s remarkable…btw, she’s 95 now and just decided it’s time to learn….algebra….so has started that now, too! )

Whoops….addition here: I forgot to add this information to this Pocket Perspectives post  (but I did remember it on Reflections from a Friend) Those who are  nominated are encouraged to pass along this award to 5 other blogs that they read and value… and to go to each blog to let those bloggers know that they received the award.  Thank  you to all of you for making such a special contribution to the blogging world….thank you, Kathy

Added note, several hours later: Brain Science, per Stroke of Insight: those of you who have read the book, Stroke of Insight,  may remember that the left brain is where counting, math and numbers hang out…well, apparently my left brain isn’t quite as busy and online as I thought…I got lost passing along the Liebster Awards to 10 other blogs and posting in both Pocket Perspectives and my other blog Reflections from a Friend…I kept getting lost, I may even have  used mistaken links, names ( ?? I hope not!!??)  etc….confusion overtook order….so..there was another blog that was supposed to be on that list…it was there and then when I look now, it’s gone!  So…this is a wonderful blog, full of energy, honesty and zest…  Leah, at Eating Life Raw. so this adds up to 11, I think (???)….but I’m grown up now, have my own blogs (well 3 blogs!)  and can make my own rules…right?…. right!  🙄

Recommendation from Kathy: don’t try to post on 2 different blogs, linking to 10 or 11 (!?!?) different sites, back and forth, tumbling around…..the left brain might get lost! 

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18 Responses to The Liebster Award..passing it along

  1. sufilight says:

    Kathy, You deserved the award! 🙂 I (ooops) left out the rules of the Liebster Blog award in my blog entry and didn’t realize this until the next morning, but feel privileged to have been able to nominate a few of my favorite writers.


  2. nrhatch says:

    I love your Aunt Okie . . . even though we’ve never met.! Lifelong learning seldom includes Algebra at age 95. 😀

    Happy Thanksgiving, Kathy!


  3. leah77 says:

    Kathy, congratulations on the award! You definitely deserve it as I have come here countless times and been uplifted by your words.
    Thank you for passing this honor on to me. I’m humbled by it. Now, my dear woman, I am going to need you to inform me on the rules to accepting etc. I’m a novice and I don’t want to screw it up;)


    • Hi Leah, thank you for your kind words…I’m so happy that some of the ideas I post are helpful…
      Ah ha…a bit of a “surprise myself!” for you…. When I first put up the post, I forgot to write the rules for accepting…I remembered later and added them at the bottom of this post. So, think of 5 blogs that you enjoy or get value from. Go to each site and do a copy and paste of their url’s into your post. Publish your post and then click to their blog and leave a short message that your gave them an award….easy as that. ( there may be more, but if there is, I may have forgotten….whatever you do will be good…)


      • Ohhhhhh…….ps…I did forget some very important instructions…..I forgot this part…contact Domaine Chandon Winery, order a case of their estate bottled Blanc de Noir Champagne and ask FedEx to deliver it to whomever gave you the award, overnight express, along with a week of precooked dinners….rofl…now wouldn’t that be something?!?!????! As I said….rofl…. : )


  4. eof737 says:

    Congratulations Kathy and thanks for the mention…. always appreciated. The answer to your question is Yes! Have a Happy Thanksgiving weekend! 🙂


    • Ah ha….I thought you might have many, many followers….when I’m reading your blog, I have noticed a window that shows who is reading, or has been reading, that post…and I’ve been astounded how many others are reading at the same time as I’m reading and from such far away places! How in the world do you have time to write such complex posts and then get to other people’s posts and comment??? You do have a wonderful blog!
      And a very Happy Thanksgiving to you too…. : )


  5. zendictive says:

    bows humble (~_~) I am honored


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  7. enermazing says:

    Wow, congratulations to you, and thank you so much, Kathy! I’m very honoured 🙂 🙂


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