Shhhh…things will be okay….you’ll see…you do see…



Do you ever have days
when things just might seem a bit “off”…
when others you care about are carrying concerns?
wishing you could help…
when all you can say to them is…
“shhh…it’ll be okay”


to remind them…
in the midst IS  “goodness”

has a way of creating healing and soothing,
rest and quiet
will nurture you
“it’ll be okay”


You hear the words the words in your mind…
“Don’t you see?”
you DO see

you can see
you do see
you see goodness
you see beauty
you see kindness, compassion and caring
you see
“the goodness”
…you see…
and so do we
…we all see…



one way or another
things will be okay
“you see….”





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14 Responses to Shhhh…things will be okay….you’ll see…you do see…

  1. granbee says:

    Comfort from an old friend, whether four-legged or two-legged, indeed brings a lot of “okayness” to the day!

  2. I felt like this was meant just for me today. I’ve had a very heavy heart for the past 2 weeks, and have lost my usual sparkle. Although I was reminded of something Thich Nhat Hanh wrote once – “You haven’t lost your smile, the daffodil has it”. These words hold so much comfort. Thank you ♥

    • Megan, that’s so special that you were so ready for these words and ideas today… special, also, since back in the spring, the offering went in the other direction, from you to me…round and round, the goodness goes… Thank you for adding those special ideas from Thich Nhat Hanh…I’m adding it on a daffodil photo…special for you at the bottom of the post….I hope your heart lightens soon and that your own sparkle returns…

  3. sufilight says:

    This felt soothing to read, as I was feeling a little off, but, I feel lighter already. :)

  4. I love it when something I’m working on meshes so well with the place someone else in my Blogland is at, as well. I’m recording an audio for sleep and the song that is developing to put at the end of it includes “Sleep well Beloved, you are safe and held”. Somehow, your post fits so well with what I’m working on. blessings to you and to your friend. I will look through my files and see if I have anything to offer re macular degeneration.

    • Joss, how special that we’re creating with similar intentions…I love it! The audio you created recently was very special, so I think this one will be too. Right before going to sleep is supposed to be an optimal time for “taking in the good” so soothing suggestions of safety and being held would “embed” nicely there…in addition to promoting soothing sleep.
      The friend is the friend I had mentioned in a previous comment/post….one that you had responded to….a simply wonderful person!
      I think I had linked you to a youtube I had made before… I think something about the page turns with the music create a sense of breathing and safety too. Maybe soothing photos and your voice audio might combine well too? I find something soothing about the visual too…not sure why, just another receptor, I guess. (btw I created it in powerpoint and then uploaded to youtube. )

      • I think, now that you suggest it, that I will create a pp and upload to YouTube of the song which comes at the end of a visualization from toe to top of relaxing and releasing. A new challenge. I’ve done PP presentations many times but not connected them to my voice or uploaded to YouTube. Thank you!

  5. Very inspirational post, Kathy. It took me quite a few years “to see”–now my life is much more fulfilled.

    • thank you…. Isn’t being able “to see” so remarkable?…it’s as your own blog name indicates…. “the incredible lightness of seeing.” …what a wonderful name and idea. This particular friend and I have been participating in a wonderful, maybe even life changing, 6 week class called “taking in the good”…. six weeks of learning strategies for shifting into continually opening to goodness, no matter what is going on…she already lives her life that way…and now I’m learning, too! :D

  6. nrhatch says:

    Sometimes the best thing to do is to slip on a cozy pair of slippers and pour a cup of tea (or a hot toddy). Aah . . . that’s better!

    • ah yes….slippers and a warm drink, whatever that drink might be…a balm for soothing… for anyone who might benefit! (that wonderful “old friend” photo was on a slipper box… “old friend slippers”…a box that we actually have…cozy, soft slippers.)

  7. I wanted to thank you for this great read!! I definitely enjoyed every little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post.

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