“Compassion in Action”…be brave, start small, do what you enjoy….


Compassion in Action,
a very encouraging and helpful book
by Ram Dass and Mirabai Bush

A few steps from the book…
steps for getting started on “compassionate service,”
steps to encourage oneself in getting going,
figuring out what one might do,
exploring and investigating,
using one’s abilities and strengths,
offering to others



Compassionate Action and Service steps Ram Dass and Bush


Some potentially helpful steps to encourage oneself in “getting going”…
getting started with whatever “action” or “service” that might resonate


Compassionate Action just steps Ram Dass and Bush


Steps from Compassion in Action,  for encouragement in initiating and engaging in “compassionate service”

  •  Be brave
  •  Start small
  •  Use what you’ve got
  •  Do something you enjoy
  •  Don’t overcommit


I created these pages a few months ago. (at the same time that I created the pages in yesterday’s post, “How Wonderful It Might Be…” which I accidentally posted before I had written any words of explanation!  Watch out for that “Publish” button! )

I made the images into translucent, plastic “sun-catcher” ovals that I then attached to wire mobiles that I made out of sections of wire.   The mobiles spin gracefully in our front yard…great inspirations spinning out there!


When I made the mobiles, I also created a few bookmarks for myself, to help remind myself of ideas I’d like to remember and “live.”

I printed these reminder “bookmarks” out, cut them up and taped them in obvious places, use them as bookmarks and just keep them handy.

I also created little pocket reminder cards.  I put a card into my pocket each morning.

compassionate action card page 300  pdf
Link to printable pdf copy of pocket cards : Steps for compassionate action cards

The mobiles, pocket cards and bookmarks with these simple steps and encouragement seem to be  helpful!


Compassionate Action and Service, Ram Dass Be brave, start small, use what you've got, do something you enjoy, don't overcommit



Compassionate Service How wonderful it might be



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6 Responses to “Compassion in Action”…be brave, start small, do what you enjoy….

  1. Theresa says:

    Love this way of life! And don’t forget compassion toward your Self…


  2. Robin says:

    Wonderful advice, Kathy. I frequently forget about starting small. It’s as if I think I have to go whole-hog with everything, and then I get bogged down. It’s a good thing for me to remember: Start small. 🙂


    • Thank you Robin, Yes, I also tend to forget about “starting small”…I was so surprised to see that suggestion in those steps. It’s such a good reminder for me, too,
      Robin, I’ve been creating a series of “dreams” pages since the beginning of July. (on a photo I took of SF Bay, at sunset on June 22) This morning, I added those simple steps to a page. One of the pages has a Joseph Campbell quote that I had seen in one of your posts…such a wonderful quote! Here you go…I added them to the upper area “Plant Flowers” section of my blog…. the ideas seem to tie in with some ideas you’ve been writing about in your blog…ideas I’ve been reflecting upon, too.


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