“faith” in goodness, kindness and love




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9 Responses to “faith” in goodness, kindness and love

  1. sufilight says:

    Beautiful image, blends well with the words.


  2. thank you Marie… I just made/created this…coming out of the confusion of the past week, leading to this…it’s the only “answer” I can come up with. I guess I created it as an affirmation. : )


  3. timethief says:

    What a gorgeous image and wonderful sentiment. Thanks so much for publishing this.

    Aside: This stand alone image grasped my attention and made me pause to think about the words in it in a way your other images haven’t done. I prefer this single image post and that may be because I’m visually challenged. When there are many images, most particularly, many colorful images, I have to work to hard to focus my eyes and struggle to read what’s in the text in the post. If I’m faced with excessive punctuation I cringe and want to click out.


    • I’m happy that it resonates with you. I just created it the other day, but it really seems to “go in” and resonate with me, too.

      And oh, my broken up sentences, busy images and unruly use of punctuation. I’ve thought before that perhaps my writing “style,” (well, more a lack of “style” ), enthusiastic use of multiple dots and busy “pages” might be difficult for some people to read, follow or take in. On most posts, the image pages speak for themselves and don’t need text. I add the text in case people don’t get the ideas, but for me those extra words aren’t needed.

      I have many of the stand alone images on walls and windows. I love the simplicity.


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