“Viva la Vida”…long live life…


Viva la vida
long live life


Cold Play singing…
Viva la Vida…
…joining strength, passion, energy…
…the awakening of wisdom…
the song…the dance…the energy



Viva la vida…
memories of younger years…
a song of…
the naive, youthful sense of “importance,” power and influence…

And then…
life moving along…
years passing…
varieties of inevitable “disappointments” and “humblings” coming our way…
perhaps experienced  with some degree of disbelief…disillusionment…maybe even dismay
humility rising…
humility realized,
understanding the unfulfilled hopes…and disappointments… of all people
realizing the inevitable traps of  overly narrow “expectations…”
moving along…
relinquishing, accepting, understanding, adjusting…
slowly….slowly…”wisdom” awakening,
appreciating what is…
in each moment…
simply appreciating
“what is…”
~ simply appreciating ~
Viva la Vida!


the raw strength, power and energy of song!
(great when turned up full blast…full volume!)

below, the lyrics from Viva la Vida, by Cold Play
so many metaphoric lessons is these lyrics…

As we live our lives….
“from Ambition! …. to meaning,
from Doing! ….to being,
from Quantity! … to quality,
from ME! … to we,
from Acquisition! …. to divestiture”

learning to make those 5  important shifts as we live
(from Angeles Arrien…Second Half of Life)

learning to live more authentic, connected, generous lives


Viva la Vida by Cold Play  lyrics



from valuing Power!  Ambition! Doing!  Quantity!  ME!  Acquisition!
to appreciating cooperation, meaning, being, quality, we, divestiture,
~ living with goodness, kindness and generosity ~

~ simply appreciating ~
Viva la Vida



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4 Responses to “Viva la Vida”…long live life…

  1. sufilight says:

    This was upbeat! 😀 I had not listened to Ricky Martin’s song in years. I related so well to your message of how the journey of life unfolds. We get more humble as the years go by and we learn to grow in wisdom.


    • Doesn’t “life” present such a continuing learning process? …the unfolding, the ups and downs, the “humblings” as years go by…and how much more sincere and authentic life can become through that process of unfolding… (sometimes it feels bit more like raveling and then unraveling… 🙂 ) …leading to a sense of the preciousness of “ordinary” everyday life….as they sing…Viva la Vida… 🙂


  2. Really Really! You posted this yesterday? I did not see it this Viv la Vida must be in the air. Thanks for posting the words. Such an anthem it will take me millennium to grasp its meaning. But here we are walking the same streets once again.


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