May our cups….runneth over….

A few years ago, some dear friends joined us for Christmas dinner….a very small get-together, since a very frail and  elderly aunt joined us and we needed to keep things as simple as possible….. as we were all cooking…well….actually my husband Peter, J.  and friend Cindy were  finishing up with cooking and Jim and I were being….silly…. using veggies and salad ingredients to make what ended up becoming  the unusual Christmas table centerpiece…. with the cooks stopping and joining the exuberant laughter, silliness and fun, too….and in the microwave?…literally, J’s  cup of hot chocolate runneth over….how timely!

And so..
may all of our cups “runneth over” with…..
a celebration of
as we remember to enjoy and appreciate
these holiday moments…
whether they be Chanukah, Christmas, Kwanza, Winter Solstice,
the approach of the New Year….

May all of our cups runneth over….


    1. Once I gave up on the ridiculous role of being “a transplanted mountain/country person who tried to fit in and do everything just so in a suburban life…..” …..seriously, I tried that for years….how did a Berkeley kind of person do that???…well, I pretty much did it, but didn’t like it…not one bit….once I let go of that…and good riddance it was…. and accepted living more aligned with how I like to do things….well…look what happened…!!!…potato head centerpieces!
      And, Leah, may your cup also runneth over… hugs back to you too!…Kathy


    1. Now there’s a solution to the half full vs half empty quandary…..”runneth over” it is!

      That reminds me of an expression I heard a few days ago…. of realizing that life has “abundant enoughness” …. love that expression!….so perhaps the cup runneth over with “abundant enoughness”….yeh…that’s good…. : )

      And a very merry christmas to you too…enjoy those little ones…


  1. Hi Kathy, I am just now reading this..This is great and yes, our cups runneth over..Happy New Year my friend.. I look forward to more of your inspirational posts.. (:


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