“Why?”…dropping the added “interpretations”

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      As I become more aware of my own thinking, I notice that I often seem to add lots of  my own “hypothesized meaning” when I try to figure out what’s going on,  “why?”  something is happening, or what someone else’s reaction is to an interaction… a bit like looking at a number line:

  • Numbers  to the left of zero=adding my own negative interpretations
  • Zero= not  interpreting or adding my own meaning
  • Numbers to the right of zero=adding my own positive interpretations.

What I’m noticing is that I’m better off just “letting things be”…

not trying to interpret in either direction…

because I usually don’t know what the meaning is.

And so…for me to learn to rest in the middle,

not adding my own meaning or interpretations,

just letting things be….

I also have a tendency to do this “interpreting” when considering what people’s opinion of/about me might be….wanting positive/approval and having concerns or self consciousness about possible/potential disapproval.   So, this is another situation where I’d like to learn to just “let it be” and to rest in my own positive motivation and intention.

I’ve continued to attempt to get this idea onto a “page”…it’s hard to get the ideas that I want all onto one page….but I’m trying….this next page combines this series of pages with “The Magical Mystery Tour” page…another page with projected ideas from my own mind.

But.in spite of all this reasoning, I figure it’s difficult to just stop adding my own interpretations….so….if I’m going to “add meaning”, or my own “interpretations”, to go ahead and at least do that in a positive direction…

      The next two posts,immediately below, both have to do with trying to get past this tendency of  wanting to have approval from others….that is wanting the imagined positives and not wanting the imagined negatives…. “I just don’t have time”    or adding my own interpretations about why people are doing what they seem to be doing… “Why? shhhhh…accept”

That quiet spot at “zero”  might be similar to the photo in this post: “Stillness”

This idea is also in another section of this blog…under the “Other” tab above. I’m really trying to figure out this idea….I think it’s important….so…..“Adding Meaning, from the Other tab”

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