Optimistic perspectives… seeing obstacles from the perspective of challenge, commitment, control


3 c's challenge commitment control


I’m reading a book that is packed with ideas that I’m finding really helpful. The book, “Saying Yes to Change,” by Joan Borysenko, Ph.D and Gordon Dveirin, Ed.D, has lots of wonderful ideas, but one that I’m finding particularly helpful is the idea of “The 3 C’s,” three qualities that researchers have found that optimistic and resilient people tend to use and display when they encounter problems and obstacles.

Since I want to remember and use these ideas, I created some “pages” to keep them in “my line of vision.”

a few ideas, from those pages of the book

3 c's challenge commitment control explanation


A short explanation about each of the 3 C’s


3 c's challenge commitment control explaining ideas


As I wrote above…. these awarenesses and qualities can be developed by others, through understanding, reflection, conscious awareness,  application and practice….And so  reminder “pages”…. the 3 C’s….

seeing the obstacle as a challenge to develop new awareness, insights and useful skills,
reaffirming one’s commitment to a deeper meaning or purpose,
handling or controlling what one can and letting go of what can’t…..
a potentially good practice to develop.

A page with questions to possibly think about…
to support stepping back from reacting,
thinking about, analyzing, developing
and learning to use potentially helpful strategies in each area


3 c's using the ideas 2z


No matter what skills or qualities we may pursue developing,  the underlying qualities that support this learning are of equal importance. Patience, kindness to self and others, effort, persistence, acceptance, tolerance, concentration and wisdom will support the process. We are nurturing so many other positive qualities as we pursue any new learning.


Reminder 3 C’s images  that I printed out…

3 c's challenge commitment 4 small one varied


a single, simple reminder page

3 c's challenge commitment control oval reminder


challenge, commitment, control

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8 Responses to Optimistic perspectives… seeing obstacles from the perspective of challenge, commitment, control

  1. Robin says:

    My husband is like that — able to see challenges as opportunities. I want to be more like him when I grow up. Thanks for this today, Kathy. It is something I think will help with some of my goals and challenges. :)


    • Oh, you’re welcome. I have some difficulties in this area. (The ideas feel almost “foreign” to me.) I’m so impressed by people who see challenges as opportunities, and I’d REALLY like to develop that perspective, too! I want to be more like your husband, too! I just created and added a few more “thinking about it” pages to this post, when I realized I really need a guideline to follow some steps of thinking to learn to make this type of shift…I think it’s possible, with practice…I hope so! ….Hey…an opportunity to learn new skills, right here! :D


  2. hugmamma says:

    As I move forward into this New Year I am stepping outside my comfort zone. My ongoing “dance” with chronic inflammation necessitates changing things up to better manage my health.The upside of this is that I’m forced to flex my mind. And that, as we all know, is good for my mental well-being…and staving off the devastating effects of Alzheimer’s.

    Life is change. So why fight it? Best adapt…and soak up…every moment. It’s your story…in the making. :)


    • Yes, each of our “stories” in the making…so to make them positive, as much and as often as we can. What a lot of challenges you’re coming to terms with…and yet your posts always radiate warmth and enthusiasm! I guess life is an ongoing process of adjusting to new circumstances and learning to, as you write, “flex” our minds… wishing us all good progress! :D


  3. dearrosie says:

    Wow PP this is exactly what I needed to read today. Thank you for explaining it to us..
    The ability to see challenges as opportunities is what I learned when I walked on the Camino, but in this short time since I’ve been back home I’ve allowed myself to get bogged down with stress and filled my head with noisy silly chatter so the opportunities have flowed past me to be picked up by others ….


    • I hope the ideas are helpful or might provide a springboard. I just revised several of the pages you saw and just inserted them in this post, in case you’re interested. Yes, the opportunity to see challenges as opportunities… a slippery lesson, it seems….tends to slip away, I think. (ah that noisy chatter too…) That’s why I made up these pages. I made a few pages a month ago, about some ideas from Jean Houston’s book, A Passion for the Possible…choosing whether to perceive previous or present challenges or problems as “cauldrons of pain or confusion” or “chalices of opportunity”…I love that idea of transforming challenges into a golden chalice of opportunity. (maybe I’ll post those images someday soon…they really resonate with me, and might with others) I hope you can get jump started!


  4. nrhatch says:

    Good reminders, Kathy. When faced with a challenge, we have lots of options ~ go over it, around it, under it, kick it to the curb, or . . . blast it to bits! :mrgreen:


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