“The important thing to do is to start…make the leap”



From Give Our Time blog, by Eric Winger, a wonderful blog that offers continuing inspiration. (a previous inspiration: Don’t Go Through Life, Grow Through Life” ) Today’s wonderful and insightful post on Give Our Time….“The Leaves Don’t Hesitate.”


Eric’s blog often encourages and references the amazing benefits and rewards of volunteering …in his community, his children’s schools, coaching sports, neighborhood activities, encouraging others in public speaking…you name it, Eric does it!


It occurred to me that we always have the opportunity to “volunteer,” in a broader context…learning something new that might help oneself or others,  developing a new skill, following a new or different path, a kind word, a smile, a bit of encouragement to oneself or others ..not waiting for instructions…not waiting for a “perfect time”…..doing something….anything…make the leap…perhaps a leap of the mind…perhaps a leap of the spirit…



And so….
to keep in mind….in spirit



Thank you Eric


Some continuing inspiration, just added over on Okie’s blog…Poems By Okie, 96 and Still Writing….a surprise gift for Okie…videos of Robert Frost, reading his own poetry… “miles to go before I sleep”… “one could do worse than be a swinger of birches”… “I took the one less travel by”…. true inspiration watching and listening to him reading his own poems… also encouraging us to make a leap… whether leaves falling from trees or imagining swinging from birches… make the leap….

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10 Responses to “The important thing to do is to start…make the leap”

  1. Robin says:

    Yes, that’s so true. Make the leap. Wonderful reminder. :)

  2. Indeed…here’s to “making the leap!”….whatever it might be!

  3. nrhatch says:

    Nice pages, Kathy! Here’s to making the most of the moment.

  4. Thanks Nancy….yup…the moment!

  5. sufilight says:

    Very nicely done! I was telling Phil tonight that I love to help. I feel energized when I can assist someone. Right now my energy is a tad low, so let’s see what service I can do. I always don’t understand why helping energizes me, but it does.

    • Thanks Marie… I agree…it’s energizing when assisting someone. I think it’s sometimes hard, at least for me, to energize and get out there when energy is low…a bit of a conundrum. Good question…what is it about helping others that energizes oneself?…I wonder how the dynamic of that works?

  6. sufilight says:

    I often help without going out there… (though sometimes I do such as when I make donations to Godwill) do this via email and snail mail communication. You have done this yourself such as when you and Jampa assisted me prayerfully when i lost hearing.

    • Marie, thank you for that reminder… so much can be offered…all day everyday…we don’t need to go outside to do that…thank you for reminding us. And yes, prayers, good wishes, wishing others well…all ways of helping. : )

  7. It is good to be aware of how many ways we can put ourselves out there to be of benefit. It really doesn’t have to be difficult, does it? If we live in community with others, there is always need. Sometimes when we help those we know we don’t acknowledge it as significant because it comes naturally, but every act of kindness counts! Lovely pages, Kathy!

    • Yes, it can be so easy…and I agree, we’re often “naturally” helping others, although we may not even notice…and yes, there is always need. Thank you so much for your ideas… and I’m happy that you appreciate the “pages”…I do love to wonder, ponder and create them. :D

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