“Faith in a good outcome”


Continuing in wishing us all…faith in a good outcome
(original post in April: “Learning to develop faith in a good outcome”)
Ideas from the book, The Power of Patience, by MJRyan








Excerpts were from : The Power of Patience, by MJ Ryan
MJRyan has written other insightful and helpful books too: Link to other books

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12 Responses to “Faith in a good outcome”

  1. Oh I love this!!!! I needed to hear this today – thank you ♥

    • Oh, I’m happy that it resonated….it’s such a helpful outlook to try to keep in mind…wishing you lots of faith, kindness, courage and steadiness today…and every day. : )
      (I just got a big, new box pencils for the group tomorrow…each pencil imprinted with “Everybody is doing the best that they can”.. that’s all we can do is try to do that, and I’m certain that you are. : )

  2. nrhatch says:

    I try to imagine the BEST CASE scenario . . . especially when it’s just as likely as the WORST.

  3. zendictive says:

    a good post considering the election outcome …

    • I had considered the ideas in terms of storm damage, but then realized this morning that for half the country, no matter what the “outcome,” there would be concerns and worries about the future. This post got hundreds of views yesterday afternoon and night (election night Tuesday night) and I wonder if that election tension and concern might be part of it? (people came in through a “reddit” posting)

  4. sufilight says:

    Life without faith or hope would be sad indeed. To think faith or hope is always there, we just need to shift perspectives. I admit, however at times, I may “see” gloom but I am mindful enough to not stay in this mind state.

    • It’s so helpful to be able to shift perspective. Maybe people with highly developed imaginations…..who are able to be creative and inspired…also have to learn to NOT use that wonderful imagination, at times…or to keep it towards center or positive. That’s something I’m trying to learn. Thanks for the ideas,Marie.

  5. Faith in a good outcome – somehow that soothes the soul and puts anxiety in its place. Faith – believing even when logic says otherwise – in a good outcome – knowing that in the end, all will be well. Thank you for this peaceful pause!

  6. You’re welcome Joss….. thank you for stopping by and sharing in this post.
    And Joss…I have been so quietly sad for a few days. My husband’s brother passed away on Sunday (the 4th ) and we’ve been so sad…. just so quietly sad.

  7. I like this Post friend. Faith is a key. Once we have faith we can over come anything. There is nothing right or wrong in life, what ever we believe and you have faith, that is truth for us. Nice post. :)

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